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The best examples of data processing powered by our technologies
Face Detection
Self driving
Security cam
FLD(Face Landmark Detection)
Annotate eyes, noses, lips, eyebrows and face contours with dots.
Never lose AI opportunity by privacy issue. Nachos will anonymize your data.
With Nachos, every personally identifiable information is annonymized,
while preserving the utility for ML application.
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High quality and Quick results
Machine Learning, Human Validation, Data Labeling, On-demand
Machine Learning
Technology 01
Machine Learning
In Nachos, raw data are primarily processed with machine learning models. Through ML driven initial data labeling, it allows users to save significantly on both time and money. Not only that, since Nachos ML models vary depending on data types, users are provided with ready-to-use optimized data.
Human Validation
Technology 02
Human Validation
Nachos uniquely offers crowdsourced human workforce for data post-processing in order to revise and supplement results from ML processing. Assisted by AI, the human verification process highly enhances utility value of data while effectively reducing time.
A sneak peek of our workbench for data labeling
Nachos provides with a versatile tool sets for data labeling which saves time
and optimizes the quality of results.
Face Landmark Detection
Image making
Face Landmark Detection
“Please move dots to the correct positions
as shown in the guide on the left.”
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